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Creative sessions for Individuals: £50 per hour.
We use creativity to explore and express your emotions, and for self-discovery – to provide a safe container for your feelings. You do not have to be good at any form of art, writing etc.

Therapeutic Writing sessions for Individuals: £50 per hour.
For those who are keen to write creatively and give voice to aspects of themselves which need to be heard. (This is not about the craft of writing, though wonderful work can be a byproduct of writing from the deepest places in ourselves!)

Groups and Workshops:  For adults or children… prices depend on group numbers and venue.


Bespoke group sessions: Why not to get together with friends or colleagues for therapeutic creativity? Please contact Louisa below for a tailor-made experience.

Individual therapy: please go to
Sessions may take place in person or on Zoom.

You can contact K L Aspden by email here – or fill out the contact form below.

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