I’m Louisa.

I write on behalf of, and for children:
I write from the inside, from the imaginative, fun part of me that can still feel like a child.
I haven’t forgotten.
I write on behalf of, and for children – for the creative ones, the sad ones, the silly ones, those with anxiety or anger, who may have meltdowns, those with trauma, the highly-sensitive ones who feel overwhelmed, the joyful, excitable ones…

I write for adults too:
for those who grew up without support, who still carry their invisible deficit, who still feel the loneliness of being unheard.  You will find some of my writings here.
Stories heal. The imagination heals. Understanding heals. Words heal.

I write for myself:
The process of writing and creating is an integral part of my own exploration; part of becoming a whole, connected human.
I love to go slow and create from the depths of me where I find surprises, new perspectives, compassion and joy.

I offer spaces for others to be heard:
I take this passion into creative groupwork, offering safe spaces for others to be authentic, to share their own unique and vulnerable stories.

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As a child I loved babies.  I used to run up to prams in the street and peer into them.  I wanted my mother to have another baby, but she didn’t oblige!
I grew up knowing I wanted to teach infants. Then after a few twists and turns in my career, I became a creative therapist.  Now I have the joy of working deeply with children and teens … and they’re FABULOUS! 

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I get to connect in a hundred playful and serious ways.  Children teach me about spontaneity, emotions, about what they need, and I get to put what I learn into simple language and pass it on. 

MY MISSION (though this is not all of me), is to educate parents and children about how stress affects our bodies and what to do about it.  I aim to make the Amygdala a household name! (This is the alarm bell in our brains which can affect our reactions in powerful ways). Knowing its name is the first step to making friends with it.  

> Help! I’ve Got an Alarm Bell Going Off In My Head!

My children’s self-help books are available in the UK and online