Help! My Feelings Are Too Big!

‘Children and young people who have experienced disruption in life need to know they are not alone and this book is certainly the warm fellow traveller that many need…. As a child or young person reads, they will start to realise that what they first thought was ‘weird’ was merely an adaptive response to toxic stress…this is a must read for big people and little people alike.’
– From foreword byLouise Michelle Bomber   Strategic Attachment Lead Teacher, Therapist and Author

‘This is a very important and much-needed book that is sure to help many children (as well as grown-ups) understand themsleves better. It makes complex matters wonderfully simple, and readers will gain insights and resources to last them a lifetime.’
– Kathrin Stauffer,PhD.  Body Psychotherapist and Author

Straightforward, well-explained and friendly, this book will be a huge help to children in understanding and sharing their feelings.’
– Alan Durant, Children’s Writer, Author of Always and Forever, and Billy Monster’s Daymare.

‘As the sub-title describes, this beautifully illustrated little book will help children and adults who have suffered early trauma, make sense of their own felt experience of themselves and the world. A normalising and hopeful book that should be in every school, foster home and library.’
–  Jenny Dickson, Psychotherapist and Trauma Specialist

‘I strongly suggest that adoptive parents read this book with their children, especially those children who arrived after a history of trauma. This book helps boys and girls understand why they have the feelings they have. It explains how early memory – memory before language – affects kids long after placement in the adoptive family. The feelings get triggered and negative behaviors occur. Triggers are important to understand! They wreak havoc in the day-to-day life of the traumatized child. They affect family life, school performance and making and keeping friends. The solutions offered are very workable. Once children know why they feel the way they do – they can learn how to deal with their feelings. They can heal! This book is a valuable guide on this journey!’
–  A J, United States